2007 Foals

Magnum Freckles' filly "Cat"

Step Sail Saska's filly "Opal"

BBR Uvaldelena's colt "Jessie"

This is Magnum Freckles' 2007 AQHA filly. She was born February 26th, about 3:55am.

Her nickname is "Cat". (12 hours old)

To see Cat's pedigree

Cat enjoying a romp through the grass on May 5th.

Cat in August 2007.

Cat - August 2007

Looks just her her brother Remedy With A twist.

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This is Step Sail Saska's 2007 AQHA filly. She was born April 26th, about 1:35pm.

It looks like she is going to be a grullo.

To see Opal's pedigree

Opal - October 2007
Opal - October 2007

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This is one of our customers' 2007 APHA colt out of their mare BBR Uvaldelena. He was born April 22nd.

His right eye is blue. Very handsome.

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