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Please Note:
There is a 1.5% service
charge for using PayPal

Fees (see your contract for more details)
Breeding fee:    Jessies Remedy - As of the 2008 season we are no longer standing Jessies Remedy to the public.
Booking fee:   $150.00 - It is deducted from the breeding fee and is non-refundable.
                       Bookings are recorded as soon as the fee has been received.

Shipping fee:   $250.00 - This is for each shipment. The fee must be paid before any semen is shipped.
                       Mare owner responsible for actual shipping cost using UPS or FedEx overnight on top of the $250.00.
                       Call for quote. (This change is due to the volatile fuel prices.)

Deposit:   $300.00 - If an Equitainer is used. The deposit will held until the Equitainer has been returned.

Shipping Container Rent:   $15.00 a day - If the shipping container is not returned within 5 days this fee will apply.

Disposable Container:   We offer the Clipper. There is no deposit if a Clipper is used.
Mare care:      Dry - $6.50 a day
                       Wet - $8.50 a day
                       (see mare care for details)
                       You will be billed monthly for the mare care.
Extra fees:      You will be billed monthly for any shoeing/trimming or vet care 
                       that your mare needs while she is with us. Details in the contract.
All fees are to be paid in full before or by the time you pick up your mare(s).

Multiple mares:
   2 mares   - 1st mare full price, 2nd mare $100.00 off the breeding fee
   3+ mares   - 1st mare full price, 2nd mare $100.00 off the breeding fee, all the rest of the mares $150.00 off the breeding fee
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