2006 Foals


This is Ollies Poco Piney's 2006 AQHA filly. She was born April 18th, about 4:05am. We want to say "Thank You Again!" to Becky Futch who helps keep watch over our mares from the west coast.

Her name is Chasin Jessie James, "Tailer". (3 months)

To see Tailer's pedigree

Tailer on a hot, sunny day. (3 months)
Tailer - 3 months. She is for sale.
As she loses her foal fuzz she is getting much darker. (3 months)

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Here is Step Sail Saska's 2006 AQHA filly on her first day. She was born March 26th, around noon.

Her name is RemedysSouthernBelle, "Belle". (5 weeks)

To see Belle's pedigree

Belle at 3 1/2 months.
She won't let go of her foal fuzz. (Belle - 3 1/2 months)

Nice reach! (Belle - 3 1/2 months)


You can see Belle again on our for sale page.

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